The Skrill is the payment services that are available in India and the Indian gamblers make use of it to bet in online gambling. And it is a completely legal one that you can trust. In case the Skrill is the most popular payment method that is used for funding the money in the online betting accounts.

They are most popular among the Indians because the account is set up in the INR that makes the whole process simpler and you need not worry about the exchanges of the currency and also about their exchange fees. The Skrill is simply named as the MoneyBookers.

Using Skrill in India

You can gamble easily in the online gambling websites, they help you in funding the money in your gambling account.

Skrill account

Steps involved in opening Skrill account

Generally, people having the doubt that is Skrill legal in India before funding their money in their gambling accounts, but simply saying the Skrill is 100% legal website through which you can play gambling easily.

Here are the steps involved in opening a Skrill account;

Initial step

The first step is a very simple one, visit the official page of the Skrill and click then an orange color button which indicates sign up.

You have to clear that you didn’t have any previous account in the Skrill because it accounts for one account only. Enter the required information to get started with the Skrill.

While signing up the account it allows you to select the account currency, so read the instructions given below before making the selection.

Second step

The second step is also very one, here your email and the address verification will be done by the website.

The lengthy process in the verification is your physical address verification. For this they usually postal mail you a physical letter which will show up in 4-7days. After receiving it you have to enter the 6-digit code.

Third step

The third step is very important too because this is the step that allows you to select either Indian credit or debit card.

The important thing to keep in consideration is you can play with the card that is registered in the Skrill.

Fourth step

It is the keep step, in this step your bank account will be verified and during the first transaction you may get a little annoyed.

Final thoughts

Using Skrill safe in India because they are purely legal and it is one of the simple things that makes your process easier at once you get registered with it